25. tammikuuta 2010

Ramboll Finnconsult merges to Ramboll Finland

Ramboll Finnconsult Oy will be merged to its parent company Ramboll Finland Oy at the end of January 2010. Currently Ramboll Finnconsult, established in 1963, is entirely owned by Ramboll Finland.


As the result of streamlining the company structure a new unit, International Operations, will be formed within Ramboll Finland Oy. The new unit will combine the solid experience of Finnconsult as a provider of planning, co-ordination and support services to international technical assistance projects with the decade long experience of Ramboll Finland in infrastructure, environment and energy projects in former Soviet Union and now in Russia, as well as in the Baltic countries and Central Asia.

The aim of combining the international operations of Ramboll Finnconsult and Ramboll Finland is to improve our ability to meet the clients’ needs. The combined resources will be able to offer a wider variety of services. The new arrangement will help Ramboll to maintain its position as a provider of technical assistance services to international development projects while strengthening the ability to serve the clients in projects related to infrastructure, traffic and environment.

Mr. Kai Vakkila, the head of Ramboll Finland’s new International Operations unit, will be pleased to provide you with any additional information you may request.

The following contact persons will be available for more detailed discussions related to their field of responsibility:

Development co-operation in Africa, Asia and Latin America:
Dr. Jarmo Hukka, tel. +358 40 596 6466

Mr. Mauno Napari
, tel. +358 40 595 5567

Water & waste water:
Mr. Juha Varpula
, tel. +358 20 755 611*

Mr. Erkki Ikäheimo, tel. +358 40 591 1087

More information

Dr. Markku Moilanen, Managing Director of Ramboll Finland Oy, tel. +358 50 452 5238
Mr. Kai Vakkila, Head of International Operations, Ramboll Finland Oy, tel. +358 40 550 4177

Email addresses are created as follows: firstname.lastname@ramboll.fi